Assume you bought a new phone. Before leaving the store, you open the box and find that the screen is cracked.  You definitely would exchange the phone for one that is working perfectly.

In the insurance industry however, you often only know the flaws and cracks after you have invested.  And when it comes to your hard-earned retirement money, you certainly don’t want to lose any of it due to poor advice. 

If your retirement capital is reducing it could be due to you paying more tax than you should, being invested in the incorrect fund or that you were not properly advised. 

At Retirement Wellness SA, we specialize exclusively in retirement planning.  We understand the value of your money and how important it is, that it works in the best way possible for you.  

There are many retirees who have lost money.  This is why we have created a Rejuvenation Process.  In this process, we commit an average of 20 hours into crafting your retirement plan.  This allows us to help save you on tax, find the ideal fund/s to invest in and so much more.  Most importantly, this is all done before you sign to invest your money. 

Our Rejuvenation Process has helped many retirees protect their capital and live a better retirement.  If you are losing money, contact us today for a free assessment. 

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