Our Serenity package is designed for individuals who are looking to retire in the next six months.

In your younger days, you probably had an expectation that retirement would bring a life that is relaxing and stress-free. However most people who are on the doorstep of retirement experience significant stress. Their primary concerns are: 

  • Will I earn enough to cover all my expenses? 
  • Will my money last for the rest of my life? 
  • How much will I lose to tax? 
  • If the markets crash will I lose all my money? 

Does this worry you too?

Retirement planning is more than just investing your money.  If this is not done properly, it may result in you:

  • Losing money 
  • Not earning enough
  • Paying more tax
  • Paying higher fees

At Retirement Wellness SA we specialise in retirement and investment planning.  Our purpose is to empower you to be happy and well in your retirement by creating personalised plans using true financial planning.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Tips to grow your capital despite you receiving an income
  • Paying little or no tax
  • Professional advice & service you can rely on
  • Regular reviews
  • Honesty, sincerity & a passion to do what’s best for you

To begin your journey towards a stress-free retirement, call 031 502 5661 / 084 44 44 686