At Retirement Wellness SA, we specialize in assisting GEPF members who wish to resign. 

We have found that many are led to believe that if they resign their benefits would be severely taxed and medical aid would be unaffordable. 

We have researched these and others challenges and created a roadmap to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.  

Our Tranquility Process takes full advantage of the flexibility offered by resignation and  moulds a retirement plan around you and your lifestyle. 

We can show you how to pay no tax on your lump sum, earn an income for the rest of your life and ensure that your hard-earned money stays in your family for generations to come. 

In addition, we can assist you with a range of affordable medical aid solutions from Discovery, Bonitas, Momentum and other open medical aid schemes through a company that specializes in medical aids.

Most importantly, this is all done before you sign to invest your money.  And because our focus is to help you retire comfortably, we follow this up with amazing after care service. This includes a monthly review of your investments so that you’re always in control.

Our Tranquility Process has helped many GEPF members enjoy a fulfilling retirement.  Contact us today for a free assessment – 031 502 5661 / 084 44 44 686