Story of Us

At Retirement Wellness SA, we are committed to helping you bring your dream retirement to life and then making sure it stays a reality.

Our History

SD Financial Solutions CC was founded in August 2007.

Our primary focus was to assist individuals in acquiring life cover solutions, retirement plans, education policies and simple investments.

Since inception, our goal was to change the way client’s experienced financial advice.  In most cases, clients are being sold policies, but we believe that everyone is unique and therefore the planning must be too.  We take time to listen to a client’s entire life story before giving advice.  This allows us to create solutions that help achieve one’s goals and build long-term relationships

In 2015, we were one of five Financial Service Providers in KZN to be awarded the opportunity of partnering with one of South Africa’s largest insurers.  We accepted this offer as it was in keeping with our goal of shifting a client’s experience with insurance from a sales industry to one that focuses on a client’s well-being.


Our Evolution

As we progressed, we noticed the retired market was the most affected by ill advice. Although people were retiring

with large sums of money, many were losing it because they had been misinformed.

We wanted to assist these individuals and develop a process to help them. Our research revealed that insurance companies focused on all areas of financial planning. We wanted to be the first to specialise exclusively on assisting retiring and retired individuals.

Our intention was to create a sense of well-being for our clients and help them retire with peace of mind.

We needed a name that helped clients easily understand what we do and that was how Retirement Wellness SA was born.


Our Expertise

At Retirement Wellness SA, we specialise in assisting individuals who are about to retire or who have already retired.

We deal with both the private sector and GEPF (Government Employees Pension Fund).

We generally look to help individuals who are three to six months away from retirement, but we do also work with already retired individuals, creating personalised and effective retirement plans for them too.

At Retirement Wellness SA, we have access to the latest planning tools and a wide range of exclusive funds. We also have access to five specialist coaches who understand the importance of putting the client first.

We believe in the importance of the individual therefore we create tailor-made retirement plans. We invest personally in our clients, finding out what their dreams and goals are, so we can make those a reality.

Our aim is to go the extra mile, ensuring our client’s well-being extends beyond financial security. To accomplish this, we created a Wellness Programme that makes sure the various aspects of retirement are taken care of. This gives our clients absolute peace of mind in their golden years.

We are passionate about what we do because it allows us to make a positive change in the lives of so many people.


Our Mastermind

Dhevan Naicker

Co-founder to Retirement Wellness SA.

Dhevan joined the industry in June 2004 as an Old Mutual Personal Financial Advisor.
During his time there, he received numerous accolades and awards, being regarded as a premier advisor.

His intention to shift the industry from being sales-based, to one that focusses sincerely on helping clients achieve their goals, inspired him to start his own business.

He has completed both Regulatory Exams, as well as a certificate in Financial Planning, and he is presently studying towards his CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

Dhevan’s passion is helping individuals achieve their goals. For him, it is more than just investing one’s money.

He forms long lasting relationships with clients, so that in years to come, they know, they can always come to him for financial advice or help.